RP Moab

Units: Price listed is for 10 stems (Qty 1 bunch)*

Named after the rocky peaks and outstretched canyons of Moab, Utah, this rose carries a unique elegance that is reminiscent of a vintage piece that never goes out of style. Warm mauve shades dress each petal as they gracefully bloom into a dusty earth-toned bud. Rosaprima’s Moab adds an understated yet surprising flair to the daintiest wedding pieces all year round. -Rosaprima

Colour: Brown, Copper, Tinge of Pink
Type: Single Head per Stem
Bloom Form: High-centred
Bloom Diameter: Large
Bloom Opening: Partial
Head Size: Large
Scent: Little to No Fragrance
Sensitivity: Delicate
Estimated Vase Life: Average**
Estimated Opening Rate: Slower***
Length: 50-80cm
Grower: Rosaprima, Ecuador
Breeder: Rosaprima, Ecuador

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