Purchase Terms

Please read the content below before making a purchase. 

It is very important to process garden roses correctly. Always follow our care and handling instructions.

All flowers sold by Kampong Flowers are subject to substitution: as a result but not limited to: unavailability, quality control, seasonal variation, inventory mismatch, shipment and freight. Kampong Flowers will not be held responsible and reserves the right to use its discretion to substitute flowers of a similar variety, type, colour, look and value under such circumstances.

All due effort will be made to notify you within an appropriate amount of time to any alternation and/or substitutions to your order; if there is any difference in price Kampong Flowers we will send a separate invoice or refund in the form of store credit to your account based on the price difference in the flowers.

Please ensure that you or the recipient is contactable/available during the delivery slot timing to receive the order.
If the address is incomplete/wrong, the courier will attempt to contact the phone number provided.

If the courier fails to make contact at the destination, he/she would attempt to leave the order item at the delivery location. If he/she is unable to do so, the courier will leave to continue with other deliveries, and try to arrange another delivery on the same day. However, the re-delivery is subject to courier availability and re-delivery charges (S$14) will apply. If there is no update on the day of delivery, the order will be voided and no refund will be made.

Please bring your flowers indoors and follow our care and handling instructions as soon as they are delivered or collected. Leaving them unattended for too long will increase the risk of wilting.

Our flowers are packed specifically for wholesale distribution by the grower. Due to volatile air freight conditions, buyers should account for a minimum of one stem per bunch spoilage on purchase.

Kampong Flowers reserves the right to remove any damaged stems from the bunch before delivery/pickup. Credit will only be provided if damage exceeds one stem per bunch.
Kampong Flowers will only accept and process claims for our wholesale flowers from two damaged stems and above per bunch.

For all claims and feedback, please contact support@kampongflowers or drop us a message through our chat support on our webpage. Claims on other channels (e.g. WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram etc.) will not be processed.

While we do our best to ensure that the flowers reach you in the best condition, you might receive "shattering" flowers upon unpacking, where majority of the petals break off from the flower head. This problem is a result of issues with distribution and not with the freshness of the flowers. Please contact us within the delivery date to follow up on the issue.

For our delivery policy, please read here.

Cut flowers are like any other potted flowers or plants. They need proper care and handling to perform at their best. Feel free to contact us when you require any advice or tips to improve your flower care skills.