Our Journey

Kampong Flowers was first conceived in 2018 when our founders were charmed by the exuberant displays at flower markets in their travels overseas. Their vision: better access to fresh, premium flowers to floral businesses and enthusiasts across Singapore.

When we announced that we were ceasing operations, we received so many messages of concern and support. We are very touched. We definitely could not have expected this fulfilling journey of 4 years - getting to experience the joys of fresh roses daily, while helping to realise the best inspirations from our ever creative floral scene. Thank you all for your words and care and affirmation.

What kept the Kampong Flowers team grounded was the connections we have built with the local florists, flower fanatics and faithful customers. You all have challenged Kampong Flowers to be utmost in our service and our offerings. We have immense gratitude.

Running a hectic schedule of shipments and fulfilments is no simple task, and we owe it to our growers and logistics partners. You have never failed to deliver, in every aspect of the phrase.

Last of all, cheers to our people at Kampong Flowers. We thank you for having faith in our aspirations and coming on board to build the Kampong with us. Without your efforts, we couldn't have made it this far.

As we close the door at our warehouse, Kampong Flowers hopes that we have managed to move the industry forward on quality and sustainability. Looking forward to the next chapter!

Kampong Flowers

Making a positive impact to the society and planet

We strongly believe that sourcing roses should be from renowned growers with a commitment to sustainability.
Sustainably-sourced roses can make a positive impact to those working with them at the farms and beyond.

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Sustainable Certifications