Country Home

Units: Price listed is for10 stems (Qty 1 bunch)*

Showy yet subtle, The Rosaprima Country Home rose exudes elegance. Her unassuming luminous peach buds open into vibrant blooms, bursting with petals in shades of gold and apricot, instilling this rose with distinctive, unforgettable, and heartwarming beauty. -Rosaprima

Colour: Orange, Peach
Type: Single Head per Stem
Bloom Form: Tubular-wavy
Bloom Diameter: Medium
Bloom Opening: Minimal
Head Size: Medium
Scent: Little to No Fragrance
Sensitivity: Sturdy
Estimated Vase Life: Long**
Estimated Opening Rate: Slower***
Length: 40-60cm
Grower: Rosaprima, Ecuador 
Breeder: Rosen Tantau, Germany

Notes: -

**Rose estimated vase life definition: Short - 2 to 3 days; Average - 4 to 5 days; Long - 6 to 7 days. Please note that vase life is also dependent on care and handling of the roses and their environment.

***Rose estimated opening rate definition: Fast - within 0 to 1.5 days; Slower - at least 2 to 3 days

*Packed specifically for wholesale distribution by the grower (with leaves and thorns present). Due to volatile air freight conditions, buyers should account for a minimum of one stem per bunch spoilage on purchase. Conditioning is necessary upon receiving. Read our purchase terms.

Type: ST Garden Premium

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