Wrapping Service (with Fillers)

Sending an order to your loved one as a gift? Opt for a premium wrapping service (with Fillers!) and we will send your selected roses* to a florist for a finishing touch!"

Kindly note that this is only an add-on service. Do remember to select your favourite roses or any of our bundles.

What you are getting:

- Conditioning of your selected roses*
- Fillers (random & seasonal - provided by Florists)
- Wrapping Service by Florists

Charges are by the number of bunches you wish to be wrapped in a single bouquet per order. Kindly make a separate order per address, if you are looking to send our roses to more people!

Please order at least 1 working day in advance. Only 1 delivery address per order!

Disclaimer: Photos are for reference only.
*Bundled roses will be selected by the warehouse elves!