As we specialize in roses, we are able to import in a larger range of unique rose varieties that look charming and smell amazing. To do this, we source and curate our roses from various rose collections around the world.

A portion of our cut rose collections consists of traditional garden roses which require intensive care and special environmental conditions to be grown. They are grown in areas with ten hours of sunshine a day and 800 mm of rainfall a year at an altitude of thousands meters above sea level. With these perfect growing conditions combined with a committed and expert grower team, these cut flowers are well-known in international rose breeding communities and are widely used for luxury, wedding and royal celebration events around the world. Only specialist growers produce these unique flowers as they are difficult to grow and transport.

Furthermore, our growers are committed to sustainability and have been independently certified by third-party organizations such as Fairtrade for being responsible, sustainable and eco-friendly growers. To know more about our growers, head over to Our Story!

The cut flowers and packaging are included in our prices. The only thing not included in the price is delivery as we provide an option for our customers to collect their cut flowers from us through appointments.

While we strive our very best to ensure our cut flowers are in perfect condition, flowers grown as nature intended tend to have slight imperfections and it is natural to observe occasional unpredictable behaviour.

Nevertheless, we can assure you that we work our hardest to constantly improve our logistics and distribution, and source only the freshest, finest flowers around the world.

As we want to be sure that you’re satisfied and happy with us and our flowers, do contact us if we happen to make a mistake. We will do everything we can to solve the problem.

We currently do not open our cold room for viewing due to the COVID-19 measures in place. However, we allow store pickups. Please contact our Customer Service Team via the Contact page or email us at support@kampongflowers.com for further enquiries.

The cut flowers are packed for transport with wet-feet to keep them hydrated and sleeves to protect the heads. Depending on your order size, our cut flowers will be wrapped in kraft paper and/or packaged in recyclable, eco-friendly carton boxes. We encourage these boxes to be reused for storage and even for floral arrangement purposes.

Upon receiving the flowers, please process and hydrate them immediately. Our Care & Handling page has more information about how to process and condition these cut flowers.

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Our Flowers

We specialise in unique scented, garden and luxury roses grown in boutique farms. We carry the following varieties subjected to availability and demand:

• David Austin Wedding Roses

• Meilland Jardin & Parfum Roses

• WABARA Japanese Roses

• Princess Japanese Garden Roses

• Premium Garden Roses

• Premium Garden Spray Roses

Reach out to us to find out more!

Majority of the commercially grown flower varieties have been genetically modified: their scent gene is removed to prolong their vase life. Scent is often absent on these commercial flower breeds.

Although scented roses may not last as long as their genetically modified counterparts, their scents add another sensory dimension which we believe will mesmerize your customers.

Take a look at our Care & Handling page which collates all the important information to get the best out of your flowers!

Our standard stems are cut from our farms at approximately 40 to 60cm depending on the variety and availability.

Ordering & Cancellation

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The minimum order quantity is one bunch of flowers. Depending on flower variety, there can be 5 to 12 stems in a bunch.

Please see our detailed guide to ordering.

For pre-orders of flower varieties, please contact us directly either through or contact form or through other channels as given here. There is a lead time of 1 week before shipment. To know more, please read the FAQ section "What are your cut-off times for orders and pre-orders?"

For ordering of available varieties in our cold room, our cut-off order time for next-day delivery/collection morning is 4pm.

For pre-orders, our cut-off day is on a Thursday before the shipment departure in the following week. Visit our incoming shipment page for the shipment dates and latest information on upcoming arrivals. If you are unsure, you may clarify with our team.

An order confirmation email will be sent to you once your order has been placed online. If you cannot find it in your inbox, try checking your spam or junk box.

We strongly advise customers to keep this email for records. You will need to quote the order number if you have any queries or issues with your order.

If you would like to change or edit your recipient or shipping details, please contact our Customer Service Team via the Contact page or email us at support@kampongflowers.com immediately. We can still help to amend these details if it is earlier than the cut-off time, 4pm, on the day before your delivery date.

However, if you would like to change your product variety or reduce your product quantity, our order cancellation policy will apply. To know more, please read the FAQ section "What is your order cancellation policy?"

While we understand that plans can change, once your order is placed, your stems that are available in our coldroom are reserved for you and will not be sold to others. For pre-orders, our growers reserve the stems and make cutting arrangements to meet your requirements.

These processes play an essential aspect of our premium service to ensure the freshest flowers are supplied to our Trade Customers. We regret that it is not possible for us to accept cancellations, change in product varieties, or reduction in quantities, after the order has been dispatched. Cancellations, change in product varieties or reduction in quantities can therefore only be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

For further assistance, please contact our Customer Service Team via the Contact page or email us at support@kampongflowers.com.

Please contact our Customer Service Team via the Contact page or email us at support@kampongflowers.com and provide your order number. We can add any additional items which you require to your order and issue you an invoice for the remaining payment.

Please note that we can only add items to your order if you notify us before the cut-off time, 4pm, the day before your delivery date.

Shipping & Delivery

We deliver daily with two time slots to choose from:

AM - 10am to 2pm (Mon - Sun)
PM - 2pm to 6pm (Mon - Sat)

Yes, you may choose to collect from our cold room and save on the delivery charge. Collection time is as follows: 9.30am - 4.00pm (Weekdays), 9.30am - 12.30pm (Saturdays), 9.30am - 11.30am (Sundays/Public Holidays). Please indicate your collection time in your order.

Try to keep your transit time short. Avoid subjecting your flowers to harsh conditions as much as possible. 

Collection address:

18 New Industrial Road, #03-17
Singapore 536205

$14 flat for every order to one delivery address (surcharge might apply during peak seasons i.e. Valentine's Day). Free for purchases $150 and above. For bulk purchases (e.g. > 200 stems), additional charges may apply.

We deliver within Singapore islandwide. Due to restrictions and limitations (placed by certain institutions and organisations), we are unable to make deliveries to restricted areas (including but not limited to below):

- All Airports and Army Camps
- Shipyards
- Prisons
- Offshore Islands such as Pulau Ubin, Jurong Island
- All pass-protected areas

We do not deliver flowers to any international markets currently, but it may happen in the future!

Our courier partner will give the recipient a call before reaching the delivery location. If the recipient does not receive the call and there is nobody to receive the delivery, the flowers will, by default, be left at the door front. In this case, a signature will not be required by the recipient.

To ensure you receive the flowers in good condition, we try our best to minimize the transit time of your flowers during delivery. To meet this requirement, we do not provide re-deliveries as this will subject your flowers to longer transit time, thereby leading to deteriorating conditions. If the recipient was not around at the recipient address during delivery, the flowers will, by default, be left at the door front instead. As it is not possible for our flowers to be temperature controlled once they are left at your doorstep or designated location, we strongly advise someone to be present when they arrive so that they can be unpacked quickly into a cool environment.

Our flowers are pre-cooled at the growers' facilities before they are loaded into refrigerated trucks which will transport them to the airport. During any transit or waiting time for cargo load to the planes, the flowers will be stored in a cold room. In flight, the flowers are also chilled. In Singapore, transport to our cold room is also done by refrigerated trucks. In general, this means that the flowers are kept in a state of sleep most of the time which keeps them in their freshest condition.

As Singapore’s weather can at times be unforgivingly hot, we strongly advise recipients to be present during delivery and unpack the flowers immediately to a cool storage area. To learn more about how to unpack the flowers, you can take a look at our Care & Handling page.

We will do our very best to deliver on the specified delivery date. However, since we deliver using a courier and do not have direct control over their operations, we are unable to “guarantee” delivery on a specific date. Furthermore, deliveries are subjected to Acts of God or Nature such as delays arising from severe weather and flash floods.

While we can do our very best to find out what happened to your flowers during delivery, we have no direct control over their operations once your flowers have been picked up by our courier. Hence, we cannot provide refunds for deliveries that fall outside of the stipulated time slot. Furthermore, delays can happen due to Acts of God or Nature such as heavy thunderstorm and unforeseen traffic jams. In the event where the delivery was completely missed or late by a day, please contact our Customer Service Team via the Contact page or email us at support@kampongflowers.com immediately.