Ceasing of Operations

Dear Customers,

It is with a heavy heart that we at Kampong Flowers have decided to cease our operations. Our last day of operations will be on 23 December 2022. After that date, Kampong Flowers Pte Ltd will no longer be offering any kind of wholesale import and sale of flowers.

Our webshop will remain open until 21 December 2022 (inclusive) to accept online orders. Our physical store will remain open until 23 December 2022 (inclusive) for pickup and delivery services. If you have any outstanding credits for our shop, we encourage you to place an order with us as soon as possible, until 21 December 2022 (inclusive). We will not be issuing refunds for any credits left unused after 21 December 2022.

Our communications channels (WhatsApp, Instagram, website, email) will continue to remain operational until 3:30pm for our last day of operations on 23 December 2022. Please do not hesitate to contact us through our available channels should you have any inquiries about
your order or require further assistance.

All pre-orders to be fulfilled by 23 December 2022 will be honoured based on the production availability of our growers. We will be in touch to assist with all pre-orders to be fulfilled from 24 December 2022 onwards.

Over the years, all of us at Kampong Flowers have >enjoyed building strong relationships with all of our customers. We really appreciate and thank all of our customers we have served in our journey. Kampong Flowers, as a premium brand, could not have been as successful as it was without your support and loyalty. Thank you for being with us throughout our journey even with all its ups and downs.

Kampong Flowers Pte Ltd