Playa Blanca


Rose Colour:White / Ivory
10 stems (1 Bunch)

*Notes: Slight natural bruisings at petals tips which require processing upon receiving. It is normal to observe slight marks on the outer petals due to petal creasing or friction against the packaging during transit. These outer petals, also known as the guard petals, help to protect the blooms during shipping. The green streaks or veining are some of the common features of a guard petal. They should fold back and the marking becomes hidden once the blooms open fully. If you choose to pluck them for aesthetic reasons, do try to wait till the rose fully opens before plucking these petals. It is not uncommon to remove an average of 5 to 10 petals per bloom, including brown or discoloured guard petals for garden roses.

Rose Type:‚¬¢‚¬ ‚¬¢‚¬ 
Single Head per Stem
Rose Bloom Form:‚¬¢‚¬ ‚¬¢‚¬ 
Rose Bloom Diameter:
‚¬¢‚¬  Large (6 - 6.5cm)
Rose Head Size:‚¬¢‚¬ ‚¬¢‚¬ 
Rose Opening:
‚¬¢‚¬  Full
Rose Sensitivity:‚¬¢‚¬ ‚¬¢‚¬ 
Rose Scent:‚¬¢‚¬ ‚¬¢‚¬ 
Little or No Fragrance
Rose Length:
Rose Grower:
(Wayuu Farms, Colombia)
Rose Breeder:
(Rosen Tantau, Germany)

*Packed specifically for wholesale distribution by the grower (with leaves and thorns present). Due to volatile air freight conditions, a minimum of 10% spoilage should be taken into account. Conditioning is necessary upon receiving.