David Austin Eugenie

Units: Price listed is for 10 stems (Qty 1 bunch)*

A delicate and divinely colored rose, Eugenie has a pretty blush apricot and peach center that diffuses outwards to paler, creamy tones. Her wonderfully frilly petals are both captivating and characterful. -Alexandra Farms

Colour: Cream, Blush Peach and Apricot
Type: Single Head per Stem
Bloom Form: Cup, Rosette
Bloom Diameter: Medium
Bloom Opening: Partial, Full
Head Size: Medium
Scent: Slight Fragrance
Sensitivity: Delicate
Estimated Vase Life: Average**
Estimated Opening Rate: Fast***
Length: 40-60cm
Grower: Alexandra Farms, Colombia
Breeder: David Austin, England

Notes: David Austin Eugenie opens very quickly under Singapore weather
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