Caramel Antike


Units: Price listed is for 10 stems (Qty 1 bunch)*

¢‚¬œCaramel and cream¢‚¬� beautifully describes the distinctive color of this large, impressive, high-fashion flower, which has lighter tones near the edges and darker tones in the center. Caramel Antike retains her spherical shape as she opens just wide enough to reveal a multitude of overlapping petals. A light fragrance adds to her charm. She is the sister of Romantic Antike. -Alexandra Farms

Colour: Sand, Tan, Peach
Type: Single Head per Stem
Bloom Form: Globular
Bloom Diameter: Medium
Bloom Opening: Minimal to Partial
Head Size: Medium
Scent: Little or No Fragrance
Sensitivity: Delicate
Estimated Vase Life: Short**
Estimated Opening Rate: Slower***
Length: 40-60cm
Grower: Alexandra Farms, Colombia
Breeder: Kordes Rosen,‚ Germany

Notes: Bloom opening of this variety will vary from minimal to partial