Units: Price listed is for 10 stems (Qty 1 bunch)*

How to describe Amnesia's extraordinary color? Her delicate, muted hue seems to shift from lavender to gray-lilac, suffused with hints of creamy caffe au lait and set off with pale green in the outermost petals. Her spiraled petals open partway to a shapely flower head, medium in size. Subtle and sophisticated, this unique beauty was bred in France. -Alexandra Farms

Colour: Dusty Lavender
Type: Single Head per Stem
Bloom Form: Spiral
Bloom Diameter: Medium
Bloom Opening: Partial
Head Size: Medium
Scent: Little or No Fragrance
Sensitivity: Neutral
Estimated Vase Life: Average**
Estimated Opening Rate: Slower***
Length: 40-60cm
Grower: Alexandra Farms, Colombia
Breeder: France

Notes: Slight bruises at the petal edges are normal and will become less distinct as they bloom