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Store Versions and Updates

Version 2.0

Overhaul of webshop, removed unnecessary elements and redesigned some pages.

Version 1.3

Improved the store pick-up and delivery date selection interface

  • Revamp Store Pick-up + Delievery (caa 07/07/2019)
  • Added Pre-order calendar to front page (caa 07/07/2019)

Version 1.2

New way of selling our products at attractive prices with Bundles

  • Introduced Bundles (caa 27/06/2019)
  • Limited Order Timeframe to 1 week (caa 27/06/2019)

Version 1.1

Added Functionality for our customers

  • Introduced Live Chat (caa 17/06/2019)
  • Added McAfee Secure (caa 17/06/2019)

Version 1.0

Initial Launch of our Webstore to the public. Hooray!

  • Product Pricing updated (caa 17/06/2019)
  • FAQ updated (caa 17/06/2019)
  • How to Order added (caa 17/06/2019)
  • Care and Handling added (caa 17/06/2019)